“When My Baby Smiles” by Majestone (Chris Dwaine Christensen)

“When My Baby Smiles”

When my baby smiles she sets the room aglow
Her beam is so bright she melts the snow
If you seen her smile you would surely know
It’s all worth while when true love flows
Her living eyes a lamp that warms my soul
No other girl has a chance in this talent show
’cause when my baby girl was born
She surely blessed my life
Now everyone knows my daughter is my valentine
One year and a half-almost two
Her spirit is unmatched-life is new
Many troubles have past now your blessings due
Reaping the rewards of perseverance and pain
Meeting the lords our universe changed
Spirit myrhh and eternal joy sustained
A box of gold and emeralds galore
My princess in the world will walk the shores
A universe of spirits keep your soul
Until our queen flowers the world
Peace and love smiles’ my baby-heaven knows

by Majestone (Chris Dwaine Christensen)

by Weapon Zepitron

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